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Tax Return preparation
Generally costs between £250.00 and £800.00 per annum (or per tax return) depending on the time involved.

Tax Credit
Calculations £75.00 per hour.

Payroll services
For up to 10 employees are offered for fees of between £250.00 and £450.00 per annum; depending whether weekly or monthly paid (includes payslips).

Employers Annual Return
Between £75.00 and £200.00 per annum, depending on number of employees.

Perquisite payments services
Benefits and expenses declaration forms P11Ds £75.00 for the first form and £20.00 per form thereafter.

Bookkeeping services
Between £250.00 and £800.00 per quarter, depending on amount of work involved.

VAT Returns
Prepared for between £100.00 and £250.00 per quarter depending on the size of records for input.

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